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Waiting For The Masterchef South Africa Contestants To Be Announced

As time draws closer to the airing of Masterchef South Africa on M-Net in March, the question that all fans are asking is “who are the Masterchef South AFrica contestants going to be?”.

I’m definately curious about the mix and dynamic of the individuals and I’m sure you are as well. South Africa at the end of the day is the Rainbow nation and I’m sure we will get a truely diverse spectrum. I’m hoping so and that it’s not going to be to one sided.

There is a poll happening on the website asking your opinion on which city the first Masterchef South Africa winner will hail from. Have your say and click on the Poll on the right.

Also Masterchef fans, there is a forum on this site. You can discuss contestants, recipe and much much more. Go have your say and visit the forum here.

Right, so we will have the full scoop on the Masterchef South Africa contestants for you as soon as we get the details.

Happy viewing on M-net .

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