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What did you think of Masterchef SA Episode 1?

I think the opinion of the public is very important. After all we are watching these shows. Please give us your feedback below on episode 1 so we can discuss it amongst our readers.

Khayakazi Silingile from Johannesburg seems like she can really cook with her dish of scallops wrapped in smoked salmon served with rhubarb. Great contrast.  She kicked off the show nicely.

Luxolo 18 years old from Worcester ended the show for us. He is a dishwasher but sure seems to have the passion. I’m not to sure about his food however. What do you think?


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What do you have to say?

42 Responses to “What did you think of Masterchef SA Episode 1?”

  1. mastershef fan says:

    Can you believe it. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. Where did you get the presenters. Their attitude sucks. Pathetic to say the least.

  2. johannes vorster says:

    This was a commen replay of a world class master chef, do not think any of the judges is a world class chef or a tester of food , shit a commen south african can judge this , want to see if there is or will be a test that will grade sa to the to chefs , SA just try to follow like sheep

  3. johannes vorster says:

    Hell this was a very low class test , want to see the judges cook in a cook up with the world best this is a slap in the face for a SOUTH AFRICAN

    • Alida R says:

      It is not to say that if you have never heard of the judges before that they are not great Chefs. In my opinion our best chefs have never been seen on TV before and their criticism I felt were valid. I do think they can compete with the best in the world. Give a chap a chance in this case a Chef a chance.

  4. johannes vorster says:

    HOLY hell if you dont say a nice thing , it will not be accepted

  5. patsyfoodfan says:

    Enjoyed the first programme but thought it was too short. Whilst I know there were so many contestants to cram into a one hour show, it would have been nice to have spent more time getting to know them better. There were also a lot of adverts in between so it might have been better to make the first show a bit longer. Looking forward to seeing the following programmes.

  6. Gertie Jardine says:

    see above

  7. Kobus Weyers says:

    Reading previous comments it certainly seems that someone did not make it through to Masterchef SA.
    Thought the different presenter personalities are great. I know that we will get to know the presenters as we get to know the contestants.
    All-in-all a great start.

  8. Antoinette de Greeff says:

    The judges did not look at ease and nor comfortable. What is the purpose of MC SA, is it to take a decision on the taste and flavours of dishes or will it yet again be judged on ‘based on the background from where you come from. Please look past etnics and judge according to a certain criteria set for all participants. We do not evev want a wimp of possible racism

  9. Leo says:

    The judges need to ‘lift’ the contestants, not break them down. MC Australia displayed a feeling of encouragement and support among judges and contestants. It was all about the food. Very refreshing for reality TV. However, MC South Africa already displayed a feeling of negativity. The best should be brought forward of each contestant. This is not idols.

    • admin says:

      What was the negativity you speak of Leo?

      • Leo says:

        Hi. I am a great supporter of the show and watch every minute of the Australian version. I wish the South African show all the best. It must be tough being a judge! The ideal scenario is that a contestant must feel good about him/herself (even if they did not make it all the way through the contest/next round). I felt a negative vibe from one judge on one or two occasions. But, it’s early days, so let’s see how it unfolds. It must be tough for a judge to keep a straight face. Good luck.

      • Leo says:

        Looking forward to see what Khayakazi and Luxolo will deliver next! It’s a great inspiration! Obtaining some tips!

  10. Some people in this country are so quick to slate and ridicule. Great concept for this country! thanks guys for giving chefs a voice. If you not in the industry you wont know who the judges are and you wont know how things should be done. Some of the food i think did not look good….kingklip with salad and potatoes! no no no. My only real critic is that the judges must keep it real, no idols please.

  11. Alida R says:

    I loved the first episode. The judges in my opinion did a wonderful job in selecting the fist 50 contestants. Cannot wait for episode 2. Good luck to all the contestants and the judges.

  12. Alida R says:

    Luxolo 18 years old from Worcester good luck. I think he deserve a change. He has an idea of what cooking is about especially seafood seeing that he is not formally trained. It would be interesting to see him develop into a great chef.

  13. Dawn says:

    Loved loved Loved it! I liked that the venue looked very similar to the OZ version. The Contestants chosen are going to make for some interesting viewing. I have been waiting for this episode for so long and was not disappointed, apart that it was over so quickly. Well done so far!

  14. Tracey says:

    Who is the freak judge that thinks he’s a comic and wears a tie? No ways, I’m cringing…All said and done – nice studio!

  15. Rod says:

    I thought it was great, it had a better feel to it than the American master chef(which seemed rushed)all though they had “star” chef’s judging. The first episode was for my girlfriend and I as exciting as the Australian Masterchef but with the home grown flavor(that’s always good). We liked the judges,I have not heard of them before, but then again I did not know any of the Australian judges ether they grew on me as I watched the aussi Masterchef. I will most probably grow to like our SA judges too. The duck and apple burger was our pick of the dishes the contestants made, yum yum it made me so hungry. I cant wait to see the next episode. Not too shabby hey nige not too shabby.

    PS fuge guy hope you catch a break soon!!!!!!

  16. ameliajane says:

    i was appalled at the judges…who are they trying to be? Masterchef Australia was great esp series 3, but I am not sure if I will manage to watch MSSA with those ridiculous judges. What a shame I was looking forward to the show…

  17. Ursula McDonald says:

    I loved the show, judges will settle as it was the first night and it is a bit nerve racking.
    It for me is about someone like the contestant who is a dishwasher given the opportunity to change his life, this takes guts and even if he doesnt make it to the end, I hope someone in the business will recognise how wonderful it will be to have such an enthusiastic person as Chef in their kitchen. Well done judges for recognising his talent.
    Best of luck to everyone wish it was on more often, not just once a week.

  18. miriam gezi says:

    the 1st episode was great,jus cant wait to c the next one,wel done…

  19. Denise Tuffin says:

    I think our version of this great reality show got off to a good start – give the Judges time to settle into the show – I know of all three judges and they are all excellent in their
    fields and will do a grand job of sorting out the genuine wannabe chefs. No time for ethnic nonsense and backgrounds – just a passion for food is necessary and knowledge of what you are doing. I think we will give Australia a run for their money – USA was too short and not very refined. Its going to be very interesting. Just sorry its only once a week! And tooooo many adverts, maing it a very short show.

  20. Adelene says:

    I enjoyed it very much! We made a special evening of it and invited friends. I cooked up a storm and we all had supper together while watching it. This way you see…..we dont get hungry by looking at the programme!!!

  21. Christa Janssen says:

    I was looking forward to our SA version of Masterchef. I’m really DISSAPPOINTED that it will be showing only once a week and not 4 x per week as Masterchef Australia. Why only one episode per week? It is impossible to get involved as viewers since we don’t see everything and do not benefit from watching master classes etc. How many episodes will be showing? We as viewers wants to see it all!!

    • admin says:

      I’m not sure how many episodes Christa, I’ve tried to get that info but can’t find it. Remember this is a fan site and not the official one.

      • Candice says:

        Hi there,

        There are 18 episodes in total. Remember that it’s only season 1, so a lot of this is a “trial” to see how the audience will react and support the series. If there is a lot of support, the budget will increase and there will be more episodes is seasons going forward.

  22. Christa Janssen says:

    Have a heart – give the fudge guy a change – P L E A S E!!

  23. John says:

    I think some of the comments are harsh.

  24. Frank says:

    Is the show really only once a week?

  25. Bob says:

    Hi, I’d just like to make some constructive criticism.

    The judges were overacting to a humiliating degree. They need to relax a bit and just be themselves. It is hard to create dramatic tension when you are acting like a five year old at a funny face pulling competition. If us as viewers don’t have respect for the judges we’re never going to buy into their decisions. Let their natural charisma shine without trying too hard.

  26. Tammy says:


    Reading these comments – i wish id watched the 1st episode – sure i wud have loved it! but my initial impressions watching the trailers to the programme made me wonder if the judges were trying to hard to create Tv personaliaties – USA and AUS judges all rolled into one -scarfs etc… far to posed and false … as long as they keep it real and be themselves i think its going to be wodenrful as we have some wonderful cooks and food ideas in SA… so im sure our contestants are all fab and worthy to be there.

    • Bob says:

      You didn’t really miss much. The judges were fake and over-acted and the contestants seems to have been chosen for gimmick factor and zaniness as opposed to the quality of their food. I sincerely hope that this isn’t the template for the whole season. The producers seem to lack the eye for natural charisma and charm.

  27. JT says:

    Benny-Masekwameng could not show hide his pleasure at the Indian contestant’s dish (he gave more than hinted smile) yet he voted against that submission.

    Does Benny-Masekwameng believe that ‘cuisine’ only comes from European countries? As the other judges came apparently believed?

    Is Benny-Masekwameng’s mind colonised by European concepts of their supposed superiority?

    Furthermore the show did little to create a South African identity; which is neither British not European. The show engaged in sub-standard mimicry of Anglo-centric versions of the show.

  28. Coldfact says:

    I am relieved to see S.A. bold enough to take on something like this, however, sorry to say, that it’s disappointing there’s not more familiar faces in the judges. International names like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver are easily and quickly connected to good and critic foodies. That’s what we get to see for the money we pay isn’t it??? Even a very controversial person like Nataniel could have been easily recognized as a very good critic. One of them would have inspired more viewers.
    I would think the ultimate purpose, is to get home chefs to steer more into the direction of healthy cooking, and the advantages of fresh produce, rather than brandy-and-coke and burnt meat.
    I do hope and pray this is not just another racial based tug-o-war for the forever previously disadvantaged…
    Lastly I think it’s highly unprofessional for a professional food critic, to stuff his face with something he likes on a competition like this…makes me loose faith in his judgement.
    Looking forward to improvement, before I loose interest in this attempt.

  29. Lollo says:

    The judges are a joke….all that acting and pretending, can’t Mnet produce something original!??? So dissapointed, followed Masterchef Australia everyday!

  30. Chuma says:

    All I have to say is the food in this show was not well presented at all. UNAPPETIZING is the word.The plates were soooooo full, messy, greasy, just not impressive. They looked like the work of my 5yr old son. There was food on the boards and the table for some of the guys. A classic example would be Natalie, the two enormous pepers with couscous with everything else on the plate were too much, that was not a beautful sight. I love food, but that presentation would kill any appetite.


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