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Who Will Be The Masterchef South Africa Judges

Who Will Be The Masterchef South Africa Judges

Everyone is chomping at the bit including me. Who will the Masterchef South Africa Judges be?  There are many rumours floating about but no-one is quite certain.

So if you could pick Masterchef South Africa Fans, who would your top 3 judges be???


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20 Responses to “Who Will Be The Masterchef South Africa Judges”

  1. Sean says:

    The Judges would probably be top chefs from the EAT OUT TOP 10 restaurants in SA. The likes of Margo Janse, Reuben Riffel and the other usual suspects… However, I would like to see the up coming chef’s in SA strutting their stuff in judging. Likes of Ryan Smith of Ryan’s Kitchen and Daniel of Il Leone’s.

    I think aspects of commenting coming from them would add a valuable insight to people who will be watching

  2. Luke says:

    As for the judges, I think we need a great chef from each city so someone like Luke Dale Roberts from CPT, Graham Neilson from DBN and Dario de Angeli for JHB.

  3. Sophia says:

    I’m from Durban so my favourite restaurant is 9th avenue bistro and I’d love to see Graham Neilson, he’s so talented and cute. But From Joburg it has to be David Higgs, he’s such a hottie! Last year we went to Overture when down on hols so I’d have to say Bertus Bason would be my choice for the Cape.

    • Miss Dube says:

      I’m sure I saw on eat out’s facebook page,Graham Neilson just get voted as SA’s sexiest chef. So lets hope they visit his kitchen ;-)

  4. Deena Naidoo says:

    Jenny Morris
    Reuben Riffel
    Jackie Cameron

  5. Henriette du Toit says:

    David Higgs
    Garth Stroebel

  6. xen says:

    mageu janse
    david higgs
    bruce from showroom
    richard cartons would be an interesting addition

  7. Watts says:

    Peter Templehoff
    Margot Janse
    Graham Neilson

  8. Kerry says:

    The judges have been announced. Very bad sign of how things aree being managed if you can’t even update your website!

  9. admin says:

    The judges will be Benny Masekwa, Andrew Atkinson, Pete Geof-Wood according to You Magazine.

  10. Dee Richter says:

    One thing I sincerely hope that when we see the judges and hear them that they compare with the Australia gentleman judges, whose words, considered and assisted and inspired the contestants and did not demotovate them. Joe Bastianich USA was rude, offensive and so self opiniated. He made Gordon Ramsay appear pale against him. And that says something!!!
    South Africa dont disgrace us, it is not the time to become bombastic.

    • Kevin says:

      I agree, it would be such a pity if the judges throw antics and food around to detract from the contestants creativity and putting their hearts on a plate. I have watched every Australian Masterchef, but did not last very long through the American one. Good food is made with passion, not arrogance!

  11. cheryl says:

    Whoever is controlling these sights needs to go back to school. The spelling errors and use of english is disgusting for something as high profile as this

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the wonderful comments Cheryl. You are obviously a very positive person that likes to inspire and encourage people. Good job, keep up the positive, loving energy you give out

    • Elt says:

      Hi Cheryl,

      You spelt “Site” wrong, as in Website not Websight. Idiot.

      Now keep quiet and let the adults talk, see?


    • Dale says:

      Perhaps Cheryl would like to use her excellent spelling and grammar to correct the word sights to sites??

      Just wondering…

  12. simon isaacs says:

    reuben riffel: laid-back, excellent chef, natural class…

  13. Kevin says:

    Oh dear Cheryl, maybe you thought this was the scrabble blog!

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