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Masterchef South Africa Episode 7 – Mmutsi Maseko Sent Home

Masterchef South Africa Episode 7 – Mmutsi Maseko Sent Home

The team challenge this week was an excellent one. In Simons Town the blue and red team had to cook for 100 Navy crew, all in 90 minutes.

Thys, captain of the red team chose Guy, Ilse, Sue-Ann, Mmutsi, Lungi and Babalwa whilst the blue team led by Deena chose Sarel, Manisha, Khaya, Samantha, Jade and Brandon.

Meat, veg and potatoes was the brief so the red team opted to cook lamb chops as the main ingredient and the blue team cooked deep fried chicken.

The blue team won this challenge easily so the red team found themselves in an elimination cook off. Each member of the team had to rate their team mates from 1 to 7 and the highest ranking member would get to chose their cut of a pig to cook first and in order of their ratings chose until the last member received the last cut. Cuts ranged from loin to tail. Mmutsi was ranked last and ended up with the cheek which is a very tough part of the pig that needs to be cooked to perfection.

Lungi cooked the tail which was very well received and found herself back with the other contestants as well as Ilse’s with her dish. The others narrowly saved themselves but Mmutsi and Sue-Ann were left standing alone to hear their fate.

Mmutsi had already attended two pressure tests but this time their was no luck on her side as she was told to take off her apron.



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