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Masterchef South Africa Episode 6 Review – Bye Bye Lwazi

Masterchef South Africa Episode 6 Review – Bye Bye Lwazi

Tonight was probably one of the best episodes yet and in my opinion one of the most challenging as it started when Vani Padayachee got the contestants to try one of her curries. I actually used to work with Vani about 9 years ago when she worked at Phantom Forest In Knysna as head chef. Probably one of the best chefs I’ve ever worked with.

The contestants had to guess the correct ingredient between two used in the dish until one person was left. Samantha was the final person standing and got to choose the main ingredients for the invention test that was about to take place. She ended up choosing seafood.

The 75 minute invention test was all about curry. Cook your best curry using the main ingredients of yellow tail, prawns and calamari. The Top 2 contestant will be the captains for next weeks team challenge and the worst 3 dishes would go through to the pressure test where one of the contestants will leave the Masterchef South Africa kitchen.

Best dish was Deena with a very simple prawn curry. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because he’s been cooking curries most of his life and second was Thys whom apparently had only cooked a Thai Curry 2 or 3 times. Well done to him.

Sue-Ann, Lwazi and Sarel find themselves in the pressure test as they executed the worst dishes. They had to cook Andrew’s Gold medal winning dish of Salmon 3 ways, poached miso infused olive oil, salmon tartare with poached quail egg and teriyaki pan fried Salmon. Sarel cooked the dish pretty much to perfection but Lwazi and Sue-Ann didn’t get the temperature of the olive oil correct for poaching and over cooked the salmon. Sarel was sent to join his fellow contestants whilst Lwazi and Sue-Ann stood and waited to hear their fate.

Considering Lwazi found himself back in the pressure test it’s no surprise that this time round he was asked to leave the Masterchef SA kitchen.

Next week two teams head to Simons Town to cook for a hungry bunch of Sailors.

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