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Masterchef SA Final – A Legend Is Crowned

Masterchef SA Final – A Legend Is Crowned

The Masterchef SA final episode started at the Montecasino Palazzo Hotel where Deena and Sue-Ann were royally treated to meal cooked by the judges at the Mondo Vino restaurant. What an incentive to win this competition as the Mondo Vino would eventually become one of theirs should they win.

Swiftly moving on they found themselves in the Masterchef kitchen greeted by the rest of their competitors who where to witness the final cook off which consisted of 3 rounds. First the Mystery Box then the invention test and finally the pressure test.

They had to prepare a starter with the mystery box within an hour which held a wide selection of vegetables.  Sue-Ann prepared goats cheese samoosas with a chive mayonnaise and what was supposed to be crispy vegetables whilst  Deena prepared an array of roasted and sauteed veggies, parsnip puree on a bread crumb. Deena’s  dish appeared to be better having cooked everything to perfection.

The finalists could select anything they wanted from the Woolworths panty for the invention test. Deena decided to cook a loin of coriander crusted lamb with roasted potatos and veg bhajies whilst Sue-Ann poached a very lean beef fillet and red wine reduction, wild mushrooms and veg. The judges thought Deena’s was full of flavor but lacked something to tie it all together. Pete on the other hand thought Sue-Ann’s lacked  flavor. This possibly put Deena in the lead but with the pressure test to come and with Sue-Ann’s experience in pressure tests the race was on.

Benny presented a deconstructed milk tart. What a gorgeous looking dessert. It looked as if Deena was going to lose this one as he didn’t follow the recipe 100% but in the end he got everything on the plate whereas Sue-Ann failed to get the spun sugar done in time.

Eventually everyone gathered around to hear the announcement of the winners name by Andrew. Deena it  is!!! Well done. I’m almost sure I saw tears in Pete’s eyes. Pete, I have a new found respect for you especially after hearing your comment about remembering why you decided to become a chef.

I must say I was  hoping all the way that Deena would win. I gather some of the fans here would have had their own favorite but Deena was always mine.

Till next season Masterchef South Africa fans. Thanks for following our fan site and we look forward to bringing more in future Masterchef SA competitions.


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