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Masterchef SA Episode 18 – Manisha’s Last Time In The Kitchen

Masterchef SA Episode 18 – Manisha’s Last Time In The Kitchen

Margot Janse, from Le Quartier Francais was the guest chef this week. Firstly the top 3 Masterchef contestants went to the award winning Franschhoek restaurant and got the opportunity to try 3 dishes off the tasting menu. Thereafter they were asked to chose one dish and replicate it in the Masterchef kitchen.

A beetroot sponge , cucumber and dill granita with a sprinkle of buchu served with a labné of buttermilk was the first dish followed by quail breast with a liquorice glaze, grilled pocini and baby and a puree of onion and liquorice root. The final dish was a beautiful dessert of pear and baobab parfait, salted mango gel, pistachio crumble and caramelised honey and mango jelly.

Sue-Ann chose the beetroot, Manisha chose the quail and Deena the dessert. They had 90 minutes to replicate Margot’s amazing dishes.

All three contestants did extremely well considering the time as well as the detail that went into all three dishes.

Comments from Margot and the chef’s were as follows. Sue-Ann’s beetroot under seasoned, Manisha’s dish overall was under seasoned, not presented well plus the fennel was to stringy and Deena’s parfait was to dense.

At the end of the day the judges decided that it was time for Manisha to hand over her apron. She truly was a star in the show and all the fans here wish her a successful and prosperous future.

Good luck Manisha!!


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One Response to “Masterchef SA Episode 18 – Manisha’s Last Time In The Kitchen”

  1. Peggy Naidoo says:

    I think that at this level in the competition (episode 18) we should be comparing apples with apples and not with oranges. All 3 contestants should have been given the entire 3 courses to prepare so that a proper comparison of their skills is done. In this way, the elimination would have been on fair grounds. The judges cannot honestly feel that justice was done in episode 18 in the elimination of Manisha. The stakes are too high to allow errors of judgement. I am impressed with the level of judging in this competition. However compare the same dishes and not starters with the main course or dessert. My personal favourite is Deena. He has all the qualities desirable of the status of masterchef. His humility and personna is enviable. Society would be blessed with more individuals with his passion.

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