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Masterchef SA Episode 17 – “Sweet” Sarel Leaves The Kitchen

Masterchef SA Episode 17 – “Sweet” Sarel Leaves The Kitchen

This weeks mystery box was not only a mystery but the guest judges turned out to be the contestants biggest critics. The challenge was to cook a delightful dessert with the ingredients in the mystery box. Ingredients included items like pear, coconut milk, oranges, cocoa powder and sweet potato.

Deena could use his bell that he won in last weeks episode and immediately used it to call on Andrew as he wanted to make a chocolate fondant and wasn’t sure how to substitute the cocoa powder with real chocolate. Clearly this gave him the edge.

Sarel cooked a simple cupcake, Manisha a poached pear and Sue-Ann a pear pastry tart.

Here comes the twist. The contestants moved to a couch and sat in front of a TV where they looked on as their close relatives blind tasted their desserts. Sarel’s wife, Deena’s wife, Sue-Ann’s mom and Manisha’s husband had to choose their favourite. Everyone chose Deena’s fondant except Deena’s wife who chose Manisha’s poached pear.

Deena wins again. It appears this is his competition to loose. Manisha came second whilst Sue-Ann and Sarel met the next day for the pressure test.

In walks Peter Tempelhof from the Greenhouse, voted South AFrica’s top restaurant. For the pressure test the contestants in 2 hours and 45 minutes had to replicate his dish of roasted duck breast, confit of duck pastilla with a hazelnut gel.

They were both looking really composed and flying along until the last few minutes when plating had to begin. Sarel unfortunately totally forgot to make his hazelnut gel and failed to put it on the plate. This was a key component of the dish that brought it all together. Sue-Ann on the other hand got everything on the plate but slightly over cooked her duck. The judges felt that Sue-Ann’s dish was superior and asked Sarel to leave the Masterchef kitchen.

It’s been a pleasure watching the big guy cook. We fans wish you all the best Sarel.

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