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Masterchef SA Episode 15 – Bye to Khaya

Masterchef SA Episode 15 – Bye to Khaya

Paternoster was the stage for this weeks episode of Masterchef South Africa. Manisha and Sarel winners of last weeks invention test were captains and chose their team mates. Sue-Ann Lungi and Manisha on the blue team while Khaya, Sarel and Deena on the red.

The challenge: Cook for Suzi Holtzhausen’s guests. She is the owner of Die Gaaitjie Restaurant situated on the Rocks in Paternoster. Before them was a spread of only the best seafood that Paternosters waters had to offer. In two hours they had to prepare seafood platters of a quality and standard that the locals of Paternoster are used to. It proved to be a challenge as they had to cook on the beach and as we know the wind is never a pleasant thing to cook it.

Both teams dishes looked stunning but it turned out that both had crayfish on their platters and the red team seemed to slightly under cook theirs.

The guest’s comments were equally praising to both teams but in the end it was Manisha’s blue team that took it. Khaya, Sarel and Deena were to meet in the pressure test.

Andrew won a silver medal at the Culinary Olympic Games in 1995 with a dish of Springbok loin, mushroom and leek ragu with a tower of asparagus, Bearnaise sauce and pepperdew relish. They had to replicate Andrews dish in 2 and a half hours. Aparently it took Andrew and his team 4 years to perfect but these Masterchef Contestants had to perfect it in this time.

Comments from tasting:

Deena - Bearnaise split, springbok slightly over cooked.

Khaya – springbok over cooked, Bearnaise split, pasta to thick, lacked in flavour.

Sarel – blue springbok, Bearnaise like scrambled eggs, everything else near spot on.

In the end the judges decided it was time to say goodbye to Khaya. She has an amazing future ahead of her and the fans here believe she will go on to make great things of her life.

Good luck Khaya


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