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Masterchef SA Episode 14 – Marathon Elimination

Masterchef SA Episode 14 – Marathon Elimination

In the invention test this week the contestants had to make their own award winning boerewors from scratch. It had to be a restaurant quality dish. All the Masterchef sa contestants served up very well presented dishes but some like Khaya didn’t get their flavouring right by adding way to much cardamom, 4 pods I might add and others over cooked the boerewors or rolled it to tight. Ilse was one of them and on cooking the wors they started to burst.

Sarel and Manisha turned out the best looking and tasting dishes with Manisha edging ahead with the best whilst Khaya, Ilse and Sue-Ann being the bottom three. They immediately moved into the pressure test. A marathon one it was.

How long do you think it takes to cook slow roast shoulder of Lamb? 12 hours. The 3 cooked throughout the night to prepare the shoulder with a terrine of lamb shank, vegetables and a maxim potato with a red wine jus.

De-boning┬áthe shoulder would be a big challenge. Let’s face it, non of them are butchers. At the start it looked as if Sue-ann wasn’t going to make it but she endured and came out tops. Unfortunately Khaya’s lamb was undercooked but Ilse’s was over cooked and perhaps not as well seasoned as Khaya’s.

Overall all 3 dishes were well made but at the end of the day it’s how it tastes.

Needless to say Ilse was asked to leave after a poor execution of de-boning the lamb and over cooking it. She was a great contestant and will be missed.

Good luck Ilse with all your adventures going forward.


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