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On Masterchef SA 3 April 2012 – A Braai At Last

On Masterchef SA 3 April 2012 – A Braai At Last

After last weeks episode of Masterchef SA an ad appeared showing snippets of this weeks show. Mmmmmm, it appears they will be braaing. Yes, this is what a lot of us have been waiting for, originality and some South African flavor.

I wonder what the community are going to say about that. There has been much criticism along with some GREAT compliments as well. The criticism been mostly about the lack of originality. Hopefully Masterchef SA won’t disappoint this week.

I myself will be glued to the TV.

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3 Responses to “On Masterchef SA 3 April 2012 – A Braai At Last”

  1. zelda says:

    I enjoy watching master chef S.A,but tonight i feel one particular person went home unfairly.Compaired to the lady who made two dishes, the focus was on the Braai and her braai dish was a disaster and yet she went through on her dessert.(not fair at all)From a viewers point of view, i feel that Elton did not deserve to go home tonight or even Elize for that matter.Remember the topic was Braai and not dessert so if your Braai dish sucked then you deservingly needed to go home tonight.

  2. Patricia says:

    Awful clothes really awful get sponsored please……suites in the bush …..well safari suites but not Ill fitting grey suites with very long sleeves…….we could have had a romantic out of Africa safari look .??

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