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Jade de Waal – Masterchef

Jade de Waal

Age: 21
Hometown: Cape Town
Occupation: Jazz music student

Bubbly, exuberant and boisterous, Jade has an irrepressible energy to match her strange accent! She is passionate about food and music (particularly jazz saxophone) and she regularly hosts “FoodJams” at her house, teaching friends and other interested parties how to make food in an interactive way. Jade’s favourite meals are father’s salt and pepper squid and her mom’s tomato pasta, and she’s passionate about South African produce – and learning more about preparing and plating it.

Info courtesy of Mnet/DSTV

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2 Responses to “Jade de Waal – Masterchef”

  1. janet mcghee says:

    Where did Jade get her Mandela earrings from – would love a pair.

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