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Fortune Kangueehi – Masterchef SA Top 18

Fortune Kangueehi

: 36
Hometown: Windhoek, Namibia
Occupation: Advertising accounts manager

Fortune is married to an Italian man who introduced her to cooking, so she loves making Italian food (she made an Italian dish in Episode 2’s potato challenge). She has an arty streak and an eye for food styling and plating, and is determined to go all the way in the competition.

Info courtesy of Mnet/DSTV

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2 Responses to “Fortune Kangueehi – Masterchef SA Top 18”

  1. Antoinette de Greeff says:

    Sorry, but the above information that Fortune has an arty streak and an eye for food plating was not displayed last night. That oversized piece of stained foil on the plate surely had to send her back to Windhoek.

  2. Antoinette de Greeff says:

    OK constructive critisism: the judges comments (very little as it might be) when tasting the dishes does not reflect when it comes to the voting. Judges must have a criteriaon how the scoring will be done taking into consideration things such as Was the dish /es executed according to the instruction, ingredients used, flavour, taste, attractiveness, plating what is allowed and what is a real NO No. Gudelines should be given for how many people the plating must be done. Also if a contestant is so ambisious and makes 2 dishes it must be judged and scored on both. If the judges go bak and rewind their memory they might agree that yet another few mistakes were made and possible good chefs were sent home. All i want is that the judging must be absolutaly fair.

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