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FAQs For Masterchef South Africa


How old must I be to enter?
Entrants must be 18 or older ON THE DAY they enter their audition.

Can anyone enter?
Yes, anyone over 18 who is a South African citizen or resident. You must have a green South African ID book to enter.

Can we enter as a team/couple?

Where will auditions be held?
Auditions will be held in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town on the following dates, at the following venues:

JOHANNESBURG: Saturday, 3 December at Montecasino
CAPE TOWN: Saturday, 10 December at Southern Sun The Cullinan
DURBAN: Saturday, 17 December at the Suncoast Casino

How do I enter?

You can enter online here. Once you submit your entry form, you will receive an sms and email notification to confirm our receipt of your entry form. You will be contacted again by the middle of November to receive your audition date, venue, time and food specifications for your audition. Alternatively you can complete an entry form inYOU, Huisgenoot or Drum magazines and follow the instructions indicated in the magazine.

How does the selection process work?
Your cold dish will be presented to a qualified Judge, who will taste and score your creation. There are certain requirements for the dish as stipulated below:

  • Bring all products in an insulated cooler to maintain the cold chain.
  • Products not suitably chilled will result in the judges not tasting your dish; which could mean disqualification.
  • Transport all food products in plastic containers.
  • Glass containers will not be allowed in the competition area.
  • Present your dish on a plain white plate that you have brought with you.
  • NO actual cooking is allowed; the dish must be a cold dish.
  • All that is required of you is to plate the food on the dish and then present to the judges within the time limit given.

Who are the judges?
All preliminary judges for Day 1 of auditions are SACA certified professionals, but will remain anonymous. The judges on the show are yet to be announced.

How long will the audition take?
You need to be able to make yourself available for the entire day, since we cannot predict exactly how long queues will be, but the actual auditioning process will take a few hours. Contestants must also be able to make themselves available for call-back auditions the next day. The MasterChef SA team has tried where possible to ensure that all auditions take place over a weekend.

Where can I get more info?
Follow the MasterChef SA links on this website.

How will I know if I am a contestant?
An interviewer especially appointed by the production team will call you.  But you will only hear from us if you are invited to an audition. Unsuccessful contestants will not be contacted.

How do you choose the contestants?
When choosing contestants for MasterChef SA the following aspects will be taken into account: culinary skill, enthusiasm, drive, love of food, desire to change your life.  This decision is made by the producers of the show, with the help of culinary experts, and their decision is final.

I am vegan/vegetarian/Jewish/Muslim/Hindu, am I still able to enter?
As with MasterChef all over the world, MasterChef SA aims to truly reflect the cultures, regions and diverse communities of South Africa, and to involve all aspects of the country’s cuisine in making the show.

While we respect all the varying cultures, religions and traditions that make South Africa such a diverse country, it is not possible to produce the show within the strict culinary boundaries prescribed by all cultures and belief systems. In order to have an all-encompassing and representative production, contestants will therefore at times be required to prepare dishes that include among others: pork, meat, shellfish, nuts and alcohol.

I have done a cooking course, can I still enter?
All MasterChef SA contestants must be amateur cooks. If you have previous professional or semi-professional kitchen experience that the producers think could give you an unfair advantage you will not be allowed to enter.  This is entirely at the producer’s discretion.

Do I have to quit my job?
Successful contestants will need to be available to leave their daily commitments to compete for 3 months at the beginning of 2012. (January – March 2012 – exact dates to be confirmed.)

I worked as a waiter can I still enter?
As long as you have not worked full-time in a kitchen as a cook, chef or in food preparation you can still enter.

I teach a cooking course, can I still enter?
You cannot have taught cooking classes or have done cooking demonstrations or food preparation in any capacity be it casual, part time, full time or contract in the last 15 years.

What prizes does the winner of MasterChef SA receive?
The full prize package of MasterChef SA will be announced at a later date.


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14 Responses to “FAQs For Masterchef South Africa”

  1. Gina says:

    Are late entries taken in?

  2. Jason says:

    I attended the Cape Town auditions and was successful in the first round i.e. my dish was approved by the chef judge. I then went into an interview with a content producer and was again successful (The decision to put me through at this stage was a decision that she apparently couldn’t make on her own as it was a sensitive issue but the short of it was that my story would make for interesting television)!? I then had to complete a long questionnaire and then went into an interview where I was asked the exact same questions as the questionnaire and then was told that I didn’t make it. I obviously should have spent more quality time on that questionnaire as it was such a rush to complete and being so tired during my interview, wasn’t able to truly reflect my intentions. Am I able to audition in Durban again as I feel that after what my first interviewer said, I truly believe this is my opportunity to change my life!

  3. Rod says:

    What time do we have to arrive for the Durban Audition.

    • admin says:

      I got to Cape Town at about 7:30am and was right near the front. Apparently by that time in JHB there were a good thousand peeps. The process starts at 9am so get their early.

  4. Lynette Ganesan says:

    I am entering Masterchef at Durban auditions. The rules say no “glassware”. My dessert dish is cooked in a ceramic ramekin, and then chilled. I will have to be served in the same container to maintain the integrity of the dish. Would this be a breach of the rules! I will need clarity on this as I wouldn’t want to be turned away after all that effort.

  5. Mark Eve says:

    I have lost my green ID book.
    Will mt drivers license be ok for the Durban auditions?
    Or must i get an affidavit from the police station?
    Kind regards

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