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Episode 5 – Masterchef SA Teams Battle IT Out

Episode 5 – Masterchef SA Teams Battle IT Out

Does anyone else feel that tonights episode was a little rushed? This once a week broadcasting is really starting to wane the interest of the viewers. Please can we get to see at least 4 episodes per week in season 2 if there is one.

Right, back to tonights episode. It was the team challenge and everyone met at the Nederburg Estate. The challenge was to cook for the Estates Employees in the Harvest Celebration. 2 courses for 40 guests.

Samantha was on the Red team and Manisha on the Blue team. They chose their teams as they won last weeks challenge.

Red Team: Samantha, Sue, Elsa, Guy, Thys, Sarel, Brandon and Babalwa

Blue Team: Manisha, Jade, Berdina, Lungile, Deena, Lwazi Mmutzi and Khaya

The Blue Team cooked stuffed quail, ostrich crostini and poached chicken breasts. They had difficulty cooking the quail which is a delicate bird and really needs to be perfect and pink. Many of the guests didn’t like it this way so they had to cook it longer.

The Red Team cooked Asian style pork shoulder which in my opinion wasn’t the best choice as 2 hours didn’t appear to be enough time to cook it as well as beef and desert.

The guests had to place baskets of grapes on the side they thought cooked the best meal. The red team took it but I think it was the desert that gave them the edge as the blue team didn’t choose to cook one.

I loved Sarel’s description of the pork when offering the dish to the guests, “Chinese sweet pork with a sweet sauce”. Sounds appetizing right?

The blue team had to face the pressure test whilst the red team went through to a Master class with Michael Broughton the Head Chef at Terroir where he showed them how to cook a Brown Butter Poached Kabeljou . It looked delicious!!

A surprise was sprung on the blue team as they were told that only 3 would face the pressure test and they had to decide among themselves which 3. Manisha chose herself, Berdina and Mmutzi. They had to replicate Coco Reinarhz lamb dish. Unfortunately poor Berdina undercooked her lamb and had to leave the Masterchef SA kitchen. I don’t believe she deserved to go but then again I wasn’t tasting the food.

What are your thoughts?

Who do you think should have left tonight?

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What do you have to say?

5 Responses to “Episode 5 – Masterchef SA Teams Battle IT Out”

  1. Carin says:

    This is the end of Masterchef for me. Very unprofessional. Can someone please instruct the contestants to drop the jewellery and long hair whilst cooking! A certain judge is in dire need of a stylist (and personality!)

  2. Ann says:

    I don’t think I’m going to bother to watch anymore if this is the way it’s going to be. The way the red team won the challenge was dubious, but the pressure test was worse! How can the choice be left to the contestants?? If you were in a competition, would you put the strongest or weakest contender in the firing line? I thought the judges were there to represent an objective, professional decision, based on their experience? Will the final be a pathetic battle between two lousy cooks?

  3. Lizel says:

    I agree this masterchef is unprofessional if you look at the other Masterchef that was on it was real chefs. Manisha is and was the weakest from the start why do they keep her in? SA masterchef has the wrong judges they are not professional.

    • admin says:

      That’s a little harsh. The doing their best. I certainly didn’t think Manisha was the weakest but neither was Berdina.

    • Tony says:

      Manisha won the previous challenge in episode 4 with her chicken 3 way beating all 18 contestants and therefore to say she was the weakest link is very harsh. Lets not forget that the other two contestants namely Berdina and Mmutsi consistently featured in the bottom elimination for two weeks running with the previous week decision based on their own food…to me it seems the weakest cook was eliminated

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