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Episode 4 – Enter The Masterchef SA Kitchen

Episode 4 – Enter The Masterchef SA Kitchen

In this weeks episode of Masterchef SA we find the contestants in the ever so modern kitchen for the first time.

The mystery box: What’s inside? Something they have never cooked before says Andrew Atkinson.

Berdina thinks it’s brain or intestine. No, it’s a photo of themselves. Where their culinary journeys began, something that reminds them of their childhood.

The judges say if you blow us away you get to watch the pressure test from the gallery and watch the bottom 5 cook to stay in the competition. The top 2 dishes will be captains and choose their teams for next weeks team competition.

The contestants have unlimited access to the pantry. They rush off to gather their ingredients so the cooking can begin.

Lwazi cooked a Sunday lunch called 7 colours. During the episode he says he’s confident but at the end the judges say the carrots are still raw and the flavours not there.

Mmutsi  cooks her mothers stew. She is very worried that she is not getting the flavours she wants. In her own words she says “I cooked food that sucks”. Not surprising she finds herself in the bottom 5.

Samantha cooked a Dutch dish called  Dutch croquettes that the judges absolutely loved. She has the best dish and is one of the captains for next weeks team cooking competition.

A modern take on bangers and mash was cooked by Charles. Apparently his mother used to make it in Hermanus. It wasn’t well executed in my opinion and a bit to simple for a competition of this calibre.

Fortune cooked a dish that mainly consisted of meat as usual. It was completely raw. Not surprising to find her in the bottom 5.

Jade cooked a great twist on avo ritz and the judges loved it.

Top dishes were cooked by Samantha with her Dutch croquettes and Manisha with chicken curry cooked 3 different ways.

5 worst dishes – Fortune, Charles, MMuti, lwazi and Berdina who all find themselves cooking in the pressure test. Cook to South African favourites -  koeksisters and koesiesters. I know right, Koesisters??? I’m South African just like you but I wouldn’t say Koesiesters are a South African favourite.

Fortune forgot to put baking powder in her Koeksister mixture which turned out to be a disaster so finds herself as the first person to be kicked out of the Masterchef SA kitchen.

But hang on. A BIG twist announces Pette. Another person will leave so we say goodbye to Charles. The big guy was very upset but he didn’t execute the challenge very well. The Cape Town boy will be missed.

So next week is a team challenge. Let’s see how the contestants can work together. I get the feeling there will be fireworks.

Do you think Charles deserved to go?


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5 Responses to “Episode 4 – Enter The Masterchef SA Kitchen”

  1. shamiela says:

    can i please get the receipe for the koeksister and koeksiester please.

    love the show alot cant wait for the next episode.

  2. admin says:

    Sorry Manisha

  3. Phumla says:

    Yes Charles deserved to leave, his koeksisters were not cooked well.

  4. Freddy Kruger says:

    Judges please start judging the contestence fairly. last night you send home the wrong contestent. she can cook and damm that lam that you said was under done SHAME!!!!!!! how ever the other contestent that you kept her food looked horendice meat not done as to what the chef’s food was prepaired.

    another thing please stop judging the contestance on the amount of tears they shed its not called the crying game it’s not called MASTERCHEF SA for the joke.

  5. GuyverXT9 says:

    Looks like she was a tad upset.

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