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Deena Naidoo – Masterchef SA Top 18

Deena Naidoo

Hometown: Durban
Occupation: IT Specialist

Deena is an easygoing guy who can seemingly cook just about anything. He has a great knowledge of the technical side of cooking and can remember making his first meal when he was just 7 years old! His late mother encouraged him to cook and follow his love for food and he is now a husband and father with personal tastes that include fusion cooking and curries. He says he has an “unparalleled passion” for food and being in the Top 18 is a dream come true.

Info courtesy of Mnet/DSTV

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One Response to “Deena Naidoo – Masterchef SA Top 18”

  1. Suraksha Naidoo says:

    Good going Deena! You have really proved yourself thus far, hang in there, you will soon walk off with the title of Master Chef SA!

    Good Luck!

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