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Audition Process Feedback From Masterchef Cape Town

Audition Process Feedback From Masterchef Cape Town

There has been a lot of positive feedback from the people that attended the Masterchef South Africa Cape Town auditions. Comments such as professional, streamlined, friendly etc etc.

It appears however that it’s not just about the food which is understandable I suppose. Nothing like watching a reality show where the contestants are boring and not even able to articulate and describe their food so that the viewers can relate.

Apparently, if you got through the first round which was the tasting of the food part you had to go through an interview process. 3 interviews!! I can only assume that the first interview is about your “story” and whether viewers will like it and the second and third ones would be to see if you look good on TV.

I’m only assuming but if anyone has info on this then please share with us.

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2 Responses to “Audition Process Feedback From Masterchef Cape Town”

  1. simona shuttes says:

    Good evening
    would you please advise me how can I subscribe to Masterchef SA as I’ve seen the advert yeasterday on TV and don’t seem to find the way and if still possible.

    Thank you

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